North Cyprus is what you hoped it would be and more! Those who enjoy the warm welcome of North Cyprus are amongst the Mediterranean’s most loyal visitors – returning year after year. They know the secret of this chic, chilled out corner of Europe and share it only with their closest friends.

Castles, ruins and religious relics hide in the mountains of the north where the lower hills hide woodland walks and rare species of birds and butterflies. The lowlands give shelter to a natural diversity of flowers and creatures that is unmatched in the Mediterranean. The coast has ancient harbours and beaches that stretch for miles while the depth of the sea offers many of the Mediterranean’s best dive sites.

In towns, there are sophisticated places to enjoy the finer things of life, with an oriental influence to add spice to shopping trips and eating experiences – and an exchange rate to make the necessity of indulgence. In the villages there is simply an abundance of friendship from people who still find their annual visitors interesting.

The North is little more than a third of the island but has almost half of the coast and most of the beauty! The northern coastline is simply stunning with many interesting coves and inlets whilst the Besparmak (Five Fingers) mountains provide the perfect backdrop.

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